I watch movies

Adventure Time(2010) - I watched the youtube short Pen made and thought "holy crap if they make this a real show this will be my favorite show." And the actual realeased show several years later was more amazing than I dreamed. I was always surprised and interested to find where the story went yet. The storylines were some of the most emotional experiences I've ever seen on screen. Finn grows up through the series, and his life changes dramatically from what it was as a boy to what it is as a young man. How he deals with finding his father who abandoned him as a child, and later his mother, his first loves and crushes and how the heck exactly you can save everything all the time. There is so much subtext occurring in every episode, it's fascinating. And a creepy bipedal deer has hands. And the Lich is amazingly written, his evil goes straight to the subconscious. With the amount of content there is, it is shocking that so many of them are so amazing and have so much to teach. Really amazing.

Bee and Puppycat(2015) - I love tis show. I like what a slobby doofus bee is and how compassionate and caring she is. I like Puppycat's snooty royal attitude and I super love how everything is wacky and surreal and hilarious. And I like th ecolors and animation. And the story arc. It's so good. It's so good make more! Make more Natasha!

Channel Zero(2016) - This is a show that tells a different creepy story each season in six episodes. The first season captivated me and the fourth season might be my favorite, but all four seasons are worth watching. What's interesting is the stories are all based on creepypastas, internet-based modern urban legends written by random people around the world. This makes for incredibly creative and orginal horror stories told in a new way. I think they're really well done.

Cowboy Bebop(1998) - I watched the movie of this anime before I ever saw the show. My friends were all going to watch it in the theater, and I was trailing this pretty girl named Jaime who was part of this group of friends. I didn't care what the movie was and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the surreal nature of the storytelling and how in-depth the created world was. I literally thought we were going to watch some puppet movie. And I love puppets, but not like the Dark Crystal, I thought it was like a muppet movie. Boy did I luck out. This is the first time I watched an anime and had enjoyed it. There was little enough vaudevillian slapstick comedy. None that I can recall, anyway. Just amazing characters, exciting adventures, a constant theme of dreams being reality and vice versa. Then I saw the show. Holy shit, what a show. The music fits every part of the story perfectly. The plot is constantly developing the characters to become more full and I cared for these characters all so much that it is still probably the TV show I have cried to more times than any other upon rewatching. VLC used to have an internet TV channel, and you could choose from a hundred different stations. One of them played Cowboy Bebop episodes in random order, and i would watch all of them over and over again. The setting, the plot, the character development, it was all fascinating. And there were seemingly arbitrary lines that you wouldn't really understand unless you already knew the whole story. What a great show.

Deadwood(2004) - Deadwood is the reason I don't often care about the Old West. Almost anything I have seen in that genre was done better in Deadwood. Al is such a wonderfully multifaceted villain, Bullock was cast perfectly, his pace and tone fit the lawman persona. Everyone. Dan's fight, the dependence of Cy on his whores, the grit, the racism, the justice. It's all in this show. And it's all written magnificently and produced so well.

Firefly(2005) - All us Browncoats are real angry this got cancelled after a season. Probably the most cohesize and realistic group of characters in a wild space cowboy TV show, in my opinion. Funny, exciting, dark, dreamy, all the notes are there and hit in the most impressive way possible. I rewatched tihs series at least twenty times all the way through. There's so much in it that is done so well. So recommend.

Goblin Slayer(2019) - A good show. Japanese anime often has such wonderfully crafted stories, it's so weird when they also have ridiculously large breasts on every female character and the camera just lingers there. It's embarassing to be so impressed with the storytelling and then with an awkward three-second sequence remember that the culture who produced it is so sexually repressed. I heard a lot about the opening episode of this show, namely that a girl gets raped by a goblin, and everyone was very shocked by that scene. It wasn't as awful as the scene from *Last House on the Left* by any means and fits right into the story that goblins steal maidens the way they steal all other resources and they use stolen women to reproduce with(or hapless adventurers). It didn't seem gratuitous or out of line with the rest of the story.

Wayward Pines(2015) - Wow. All the acting is terrible. The characters are pretty divorced from the book. Matt Dillon looks like he's barely awake. It's too bad, becaues I feel like there could be a very fun interpretation of the books. It did have two seasons? Maybe I can try the second episode? Literally so boring I couldn't finish the first. Even with murder and my favorite weird-creepy where am I what is this place going on, just a snoozefest.